Jacques Genin - Paris

/ Saturday, September 21, 2013 /
Chocolaterie Jacques Genin
133 Rue de Turenne
75003 Paris, France

     There have been very few experiences I have had with food that I would describe as transcendental. Imagine, food so delicious that one bite that transforms the simple act of eating into a euphoric activity. You find yourself asking why it took you so long to have something this amazing and you are anticipating your next bite as you are chewing your current one. All of Jacques Genin's pastries do that. Despite not having any formal training in pastry making, Jacques Genin is a master in his craft. Think of him as a Beethoven or the DaVinci of pastries, chocolates, and even the pate de fruits. Each of his decadent treats is a carefully planned blend of flavors and textures that capture what pastry making is all about. 

A good way to experience all of what Monsieur Genin has to offer is to start of with the extremely rich Chocolat Chaud (Hot Chocolate) which will be accompanied with a sample of his world renowned chocolate (which go for about $60/pound). As for the pastries, it is almost mandatory to try the famous Mille Feuille, an ensemble of light, crispy puff pastry with layers of vanilla cream that is sure to send your tastebuds to dessert nirvana. You should also try M. Genin's Tarte Citron, a treat that looks quite simple yet the explosion of flavor will definitely catch you off guard. I truly believe that M. Genin has mastered the tarte citron( he even wrote a book dedicated to the single pastry) and that no other patisserie comes close. 

What sets Jacques Genin apart from the other Salon de Th├ęs in Paris is not only the presence of superior desserts, but also in the ambience and the overall experience. Upon walking through the sliding glass doors, you will immediately see the rows and rows of chocolate, caramels, pates des fruits, and other handmade treats encased in glass displays. Workers delicately handle your order while wearing gloves making you wonder if you're in a chocolaterie or a jewelry shop. Fruits and chocolates are also carefully assembled, making sure colors are arranged in a though out pattern rather than being stuffed into a case. There are only a handful of tables and can accommodate a few at a time. The upstairs area is the entire kitchen and servers skillfully walk down the spiral steps tray in hand making sure everything is in place. All this, however, comes at a price. But trust me, it is definitely worth it. Because when that check comes, hopefully your sugar high will ease the blow to your wallet. 

Homemade Cacio E Pepe

/ Tuesday, July 2, 2013 /
Cacio e pepe is one of the most classic Italian pasta dishes. Although it only contains 3 ingredients (Pecorino Romano, Pasta, Pepper) it is a dish plenty fail to prepare properly. There is no butter or cream. The starch from the pasta water mixed with the freshly grated pecorino creates a thick mixture that coats the pasta and makes a creamy "sauce." If you're ever craving pasta and forgot to go ingredient shopping, Cacio E Pepe should do the trick. 

Homemade Ippudo Style Pork Buns

/ Tuesday, June 4, 2013 /

The yearning for New York led to me try to replicate the Ippudo pork buns. 
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